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Targeted Social Media

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Let our experts place paid promotion via your social media channels to your target audience.

Our social media strategy includes a social media ad on Facebook and Instagram to help you target potential clients in your area and drive traffic to your website!

Our measurement tools allow us to share campaign results with you. Increase traffic, engagement and potential customers!

  • 2 week paid campaign on Facebook and/or Instagram (Does not include organic posting)
  • Video or image ads
  • Target a unique targeted audience of potential clients
  • Estimated 30,000 to 40,000 impressions with an estimated 300 clicks (varies depending on complexity of targeting)

*Allow up to one week for creative and launch of your campaign.

*Requires Advertiser Access by our team to your Facebook business page through Meta Business Manager.

(Only admin or owners of your Meta Business Manager will be able to provide access to your page.)

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